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Web Development

First impressions are absolutely crucial when a prospective customer first finds your business or visits your site. Your website is your central hub for all digital marketing, and as such, you need it to properly display your value proposition and communicate your values. We can help by designing, developing, and managing a website that best represents you and what you have to offer. In this tech-savvy generation, having the right website can generate a world of followers and new consumers that will help grow your brand. Our team of developers has built websites, mobile apps, blogs, custom plugins, social media apps, and more. The work we produce makes us proud to be a part of our client’s growth.

Social Media

Social Media has become an incredibly useful tool in engaging your customer base and capturing new clientele. Targeted marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience while maintaining maximum open rates, click-through rates, and sales. Gone are the days of mediocre content. Our team will custom-tailor your posts to provide the exact content your customers are looking for, while also growing your subscribers so you can reach a wider audience and build greater brand awareness.
Another great tactic for any business is to publish blogs, through which followers can stay engaged and informed. Integrating your website with all social media platforms creates your own online ecosystem that can spread throughout social media and generate traffic.


Creativity is key in branding a product or business. That’s why our team has some fun in designing custom graphics and logos to ensure visual recognition. A unique aspect to our team is that their creativity extends to photography and video production to further showcase your business. At MOZO, we like to build trust between our clients and it all starts by providing quality branding.


Google it!” has become a trendy phrase for just about everything, and rightly so. Every business wants to be on the top of the search engine. Our team will make sure to put you there by optimizing your search profile, managing your online reputation, and generating local leads and buzz within your community. SEO is extremely important for any business, so instead of “Googling it,” just “Call MOZO.” Check out your business’ online listings across nearly every search engine, including Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, and more.

Lead Generation

Step 1: Generate engaging content via professional photography and videography to capture and Captivate your potential audiences for when we start running ads. We will also use this content throughout your website email marketing and social media.
Step 2: Develop and strategize an ad campaign that will successfully reach your potential customers with professional copyrighting an amazing content. During this process we will research the demographics of your audience find out which platform will be the best to generate leads and in this phase we will start drafting a campaign.
Step 3: Once the campaign starts running and leads start to be generated, we have an automatic lead generation system that will send the potential leads to your team in real time – and the only you have to do is call each lead!! We also store all the leads in a database so we can use them for future campaign reporting and re-targeting.

How It Works

Step 1: We start by gathering as much content as possible with professional photography and videography of your business. We help you build trust & credibility within your community and industry.
Step 2: We then use this content to create monthly content calendars to be used throughout the website and social media platforms while keeping your brand and growth in mind.
Step 3: We optimize your current website, or build you a new one to make it congruent with our marketing efforts and to ensure you appear as an authoritative figure in your industry.
Step 4: Our main focus is to stay on top of current events to insert your brand into relevant topics and drive new customers to your website. We do this with lead generation via media buying, advertising & blog articles.
Step 5: We stay connected with your client base via email marketing and help you grow your database and email list. This allows you to drive more repeat business by keeping you top of mind with your customers.
Step 6: We even include graphic design for any print or digital needs.