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Why Having a Good Website is Key

Let’s say you’re starting a new business. You begin by creating a business plan and some sort of mission statement. Then, you’ll register to make it legal. Maybe you’ll open a line of credit or build up a bank account. Perhaps you’ll build your team or go it alone. Then, you’ll brand yourself and advertise. And with that, you’ll most likely create a website. Can you start a new business without having a website? Of course. Is it a good idea? We don’t think so. Here are a few reasons we think a website is just as important to business start-ups as the plans and finances.

Having a spot on the web as a business is almost as common as getting a phone number, email, and physical address for your business. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar store, an online consulting agency, a services provider … having a website shows that you’re a legitimate business.

Your online presence can also support marketing campaigns and brand recognition—it’s basically an online brochure for your company that you can change when you need to, without costly reprints.

You can choose from a variety of ad formats on Instagram, as well: photo and video, carousel, and Instagram Stories.

It’s also easier to hit more customers! What you can do in-person, through mail, by phone, etc., is small fries compared to what kind of reach your website can have. If you build it (right), they will come.

Websites are also relatively inexpensive to set up and maintain. By investing in a great site at the beginning, your maintenance fees are much less expensive than physical spaces.

Have you ever missed an important call because it was after business hours? Did that make you think about all the business you might be potentially losing by customers who try to contact you outside of your standard timeframe? With a website, your business can be 24/7—without you having to work all those hours, too.

We’re big fans of websites for the customer service and ability to build client relationships. Whether you build contact forms or just have your contact information online, you’re giving current and future clients an opportunity to know you better. With that comes trust and acceptance.

So, if you’re wondering whether building a website is good for your business, don’t just think about it because everyone else is doing it. Do think about it as a validation for the business you’ve worked so hard to create and an easy tool to advertise and communicate what makes you so unique.

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