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The Importance of Video

Scroll anywhere on the Internet and you’ll quickly realize how important video content is. You’ll see it on your social media feeds, on news sites, as short ads when you’re shopping online … basically, wherever you’re surfing the web, you’ll most likely come across some form of video marketing.

So, for the purposes of digital marketing, it’s very important for any organization to include videography in their plan. Here’s where we come in: we can help you understand the best spots for your video, what makes for good content, how to create a good video, and more. Read on for more of our tips.

Where to Utilize Video—and How

Most videos are seen as part of social media, whether that entails short clips or longer work. You’ll also see them on landing pages; as website heroes, in place of images; in explainer videos, like webinars or for products; and as part of blog articles.

What Makes the Best Kind of Video?

  • Keep it Short—and Simple: the best videos are under two minutes. Anything longer, and you risk losing the audience for engagement. Now, that’s not always the hard and fast rule because some videos need to be lengthier, but as a general rule of them, keep it short.
  • Optimize for Mobile: nearly half of all videos will be viewed on mobile devices. And, a vast majority of videos watching socially are watched without sound—probably at work for the least amount of distraction—so make sure to add in captions where you can.
  • Tips for Videography

    It’s important to think of a few things before you go out and start creating videos. Who’s the audience? What’s the goal for this video? Where will it live? What’s the budget for creation? And how do you measure its success? By asking yourself these questions ahead of time, just like any other creative marketing plan, you’ll set yourself up for creating meaningful videos that pack the right punch.

    What are the Benefits of Video Marketing?

  • Higher Engagement: think about what you see shared across platforms like Facebook and Twitter—it’s often a video, isn’t it? Audiences are about 10 times more likely to share a video than other types of content.
  • Higher Retention and Increased Conversion Rates: Users respond better and last longer when it comes to video retention, watching at least 3/4 of a video all the way through, and remembering more of the video than if they read the same text. And that watching turns into great conversion rates, with 71% of marketers saying that video outperforms other marketing content.
  • Improved SEO: chances are that adding a video to your website can give you better results on Google and other search engines.
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